What Is the Average Coolant Flush Cost?

If you are an owner of one of the most stylish and expensive cars that you wish to show off to all? Then make sure it is clean both on the outside and on its inner side to enjoy better performance. It is essential for you to get your coolant in your car’s radiator flushed between 24000 and 34000 miles or once in 2 to 3 years, whichever precedes the other. Radiator flush service features the process of draining the radiator and filling it with car’s coolant. A flush would help eliminate the dirt, debris and other dust particles. This process also replaces the fluid, which might be contaminated or acidic.

Coolant Flush CostAverage coolant flush cost:

The average coolant flush cost depends on:

• The number of years of vehicle you use

• The model of your car

• The making of your car

• The coolant type you have used

• The service you have hired

• Its location and

• The reputation level

Based on all these factors, you will have to spend about $180 to have your radiator flushed.

What are the potential additional costs?

Some repair shops offer long life extended service to the test and refill with an antifreeze coolant. These coolants can last up to 5 years after a single service or up to 100,000 miles, whichever is nearer.  Such types of coolants with extended life when used for service will lead to Coolant Flush Cost of $20 per gallon plus the service charges. Some services will also add up to the cost of chemical used in the processes to improve the performance of your car or to remove the rust and other effects of oxidation.

For this cost of Coolant Flush, you can get the pressure of the cooling system get tested, new anti freeze coolant for your system and labor charges.

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